CFAR LABS offers High throughput DNA sequencing in a fully automated lab. This is facilitated by a high-throughput sequencer machine, ABI 3730 XL that runs more than 960 samples at ago. This is further enabled by a back up system of another sequencer machine in the laboratory. We are capable of handling thousands of samples per day using a barcode system to accurately inventory and process DNA samples upon receipt until delivery of final data.

High Throughput DNA Sequencing Service Description:

  • DNA template preparation by column purification
  • Checking template using gel electrophoresis
  • Cycle sequencing reactions using BigDye terminator version 3.1 from ABI
  • Clean-up of PCR products using QIAquick PCR purification kit from QIAGEN or streptavidin,R-phycoerythrin conjugate (SAPE)
  • Analysis of the extension products using ABI 3730XL
  • A thorough examination of the chromatograms and data editing
  • Data review of each sample and return of review summary

Plasmid DNA preparation from bacterial clones: 

We purify your DNA in a 96-well plate for your convenience and perform DNA

Column purification of PCR products: 

For your unpurified PCR product, we column purify DNA in a 96-well plate prior to DNA sequencing.